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Dynamics 365 Data Export Service - Insufficient Write Permissions to the destination store.

I was recently setting the data export service for the first time and ran into the above error.We we [More]

Getting to Grips with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk - Part 1 of 2

I was recently involved in my first USD project with USD 2.0 and Dynamics CRM 2015.At first it was r [More]

Writing a custom screen pop control in Unified service desk for Chat/Telephony scenarios

I have recently been working on putting in a chat component to our CRM deployment and we had decided [More]

Where to find the new CRM 2016 Interactive Engagement Hub

So I got really excited when my CRM 2016 preview tenant became available... until I couldn't find th [More]

Using Custom Actions as Thick adapters with Dynamics CRM

Over the years I have been involved with many CRM projects where we have had to integrate with other [More]

CRM 2015 Errors when using the CrmSvcUtil.exe /generateActions

Errors when using the CrmSvcUtil with Dynamics CRM 2015 /generateactions [More]

Dynamics CRM 2013 Subject Tree Behavior - Get rid of the drop down functionality

I've never liked the CRM subject tree, it's too limiting and managing the data is a nightmare! In solutions I’ve designed where there isn’t too much reliance on the out of the box convert to case functionality I prefer using a custom lookup. In the case where you are forced to use the t... [More]

CRM 2011/2013 - Using Roll-up Queries as configurable searches in plugins/workflows/services

During a recent project I was working on we had the need to have configurable searches that would be used in code to perform an action against those records. [More]

Quick View Forms - systemform With Id = "" Does Not Exist when importing

Ran into a strange bug today when trying to import a solution from a dev environment to another organisation: systemform With Id = "" Does Not Exist [More]

My Top 10 Features/Reasons To Upgrade To Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

After playing around with the Beta and now the Pre-Release Version of CRM 2013 here are my top features and changes that 2013 brings that would make me upgrade my own instance of Dynamics CRM 4.0 or 2011. [More]